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allmusic.com   There is a lot of info here, although it contains several inaccuracies (look out for the albums by the other Jimmy Smith). They also seem to have a real grudge against anything but his Blue Note releases.  
Blue Note   For a list of their current re-issues. It's really only a shop front, although it does feature customer reviews which often have amusing axes to grind.  
Verve   Verve's page has slightly better info that Blue Note's, but again it is a shop front for their re-issues (which are shamefully inadequate). On the plus side, you can listen to Jimmy here.  
Soulwalking   A nice brief biog, with title only discography. There is a ton of other artist stuff on here too, so it's worth a look around.  
IAJO   The International Archives for the Jazz Organ has mountains of jazz organ info (possibly all of it). Their Jimmy Smith page has both a biog and discog, although finding the page is tricky (look in the left frame for USA R-T). The contains personnel lists, but sadly lacks track listings, as well as having a few LPs missing (and a few ones that may not be by the same Jimmy Smith)  
Organ Grounds   This site has much info about groovy organs and more. Their Jimmy page again has a biog and discog. Their Jazz/Funk organ map is nice.  
all about jazz   A fairly comprehensive, if brief, biog.  



Blue Note art   There are many pages of cover art here, covering around 40 years. There is some beautiful, ground-breaking stuff here. We're liking the early '60s bold use of white space period the best.  
Jazz discogs   The Jazz Discography Project is ever growing. It has a staggering amount of info  
Levi French   In late 2005, this organist put on a concert of big band Jimmy Smith tunes. Pray he does so again.  
Archie Shepp   All about an underrated genius of modern jazz  
Doug Payne   A few very handy discogs, indluding Oliver Nelson, Lalo Schifrin and Jimmy McGriff amongst others.  



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